Implementing Stringent Guidelines in the Production Process Guarantees the Highest Level of Product Quality.

Rockwell American’s fender manufacturing plant starts with the best raw materials available from world-class suppliers, which results in a better product. Process Improvement: We are continually working to improve our processes to satisfy our customer. Whether it’s quality of the part, or quality of the service, we constantly strive to do both.

Quality Assurance Systems: Our quality control systems include the implementation of a quality assurance manual, statistical process control, finished goods lot-number tracking system, raw material tracking, and employee training. With our Quality Assurance Inspection Program, every machine operator is responsible for dimensional checks, surface defect checks, and overall visual checks. Product tolerances are set and monitored by a QC inspector and verified by operators at multiple points of the production process.

  • Small, Medium and Heavy Duty Applications

The proof . . .

All distribution locations provide:

  • Customer service
  • Technical service
  • Warranty service
  • Inventory
  • Replacement parts
  • Delivery on company-owned trucking fleet
  • Distribution of full-line of trailer parts